How to translate Centrora Security Plugin?

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We highly appreciate if you can help us to translate the plugin with your own language that benefit more people using the same language just like you!

It’s easy to translate Centrora Security Plugin by following the steps below:

STEP 1: Download Centrora Security Plugin and Open this directory “/wp-content/plugins/ose-firewall/public/messages/”

STEP 2: You will see two language files, named “en-US.php” and “en-US.js”, Copy and Paste the files as the language files in your country, e.g. if you would like to translate it to Polish,  Paste them as “pl-PL.php” and “pl-PL.js”, then translate the content inside the files.

STEP 3: When you finish the translation and would like to contribute to the public, please send the translation files you made to, we will then add the language files into our plugin asap.

Thank You!

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