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Centrora Panel 1.0.6 Updated with Easier and Securer functions

Centrora Panel 1.0.6 Updated with Easier & Securer functions It’s been half a month since we released Centrora Panel, seems users are hesitate to use our Panel. After doing some research and analysing the situation, we noticed a critical problem with Centrora Panel is that it required you to enter the admin password while adding a website. (It is sensitive especially for website administrator to expose their password under concerns. Therefore, we improved our function by removing the requirement of password with a better and secure connection method. For now, Centrora Panel can now automatically detect your Centrora Security Plugin you’ve installed on your WordPress site simply by using your admin username…


Centrora Panel 1.0.5 updated

Centrora Panel is updated to 1.0.5, the main change is to remove the password fields from our 4096 Pair key generation function to enhance security for all administrator users.



All users please update the plugin to version 3.0.5 to use this new function.

Centrora Security Plugin – Virus Scanning

Centrora New Virus Scanner, what is the difference?

Centrora New virus scanner – What is the difference?   It’s been a while for us to make big changes in Centrora Security Plugin (previously OSE Firewall). Learning the lessons from our last big released(v2.0), we noticed the fact that wonderful backend firewall security codes doesn’t mean a good security plugin. There are lots of pieces in the plugin that can be improved. By achieving the goal to become a good security plugin, we took a big step to deeply analyzed our plugin to check every corner of the plugin that is needed to improve. After several months of effort, we successfully boost the scanning speed of the Virus Scanner…


Centrora Panel 1.0.1 updated

Our Centrora Control Panel is updated to 1.0.1 today. Changes include:

* Enhancement: Automatically removes “http://” and “https://” when users enters the domain when they add a new website

* Enhancement: Removes the iframe method for the Master login function, and change to use the opening new tab method instead. This will be easier for webmasters to open their websites through the panel.

How to translate Centrora Security Plugin?

We highly appreciate if you can help us to translate the plugin with your own language that benefit more people using the same language just like you! It’s easy to translate Centrora Security Plugin by following the steps below: STEP 1: Download Centrora Security Plugin and Open this directory “/wp-content/plugins/ose-firewall/public/messages/” STEP 2: You will see two language files, named “en-US.php” and “en-US.js”, Copy and Paste the files as the language files in your country, e.g. if you would like to translate it to Polish,  Paste them as “pl-PL.php” and “pl-PL.js”, then translate the content inside the files. STEP 3: When you finish the translation and would like to contribute to…