Professional Malware Removal Service

We are a professional team dedicated to cleaning up
websites fast and providing market-leading solutions to protect
your online business from hackers and malware.

Our goal is to take care of your website security so you can focus on growing your business. With our outstanding customer
service and timely response, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’ve got your back.

We help business of all sizes with…

WordPress & Joomla

Easy to download modules for
WordPress and Joomla websites.

High Security
Online Protection

Basic free protection services through
to premium services at a great price.

Free Malware

A free malware removal service on
websites for all annual subscribers.

Cyber Crime Info
and What To Do

Regular information on what you can
do to protect yourself from cyber crime.

What our customers are saying…

  • This is a great plugin! It does what is says it will do. I also found out, as soon as there was a problem with an upgrade, that their customer service is outstanding. The only delay in getting super-friendly, responsive, and spot-on support was in the time zone difference. Highly recommended!

    Great plugin and outstanding service!
  • Right now I'm using this extension for a local government office to protect against crazies that want to hack gov sites. It's working perfectly, I love the dashboard which shows all the recent activity. My php settings were blocking the install and I needed help, so I submitted a ticket to their support team, who responded INSTANTLY with the perfect answer to solve my problem. You can't ask for more than that. In my opinion, quality protection software should not be free, I don't mind paying for peace of mind.

    Great Extension
  • I just wanted to post here my experience with Team, First of all I had a malware problem on my site and wanted to get rid of it, so I posted a support ticket and they spent the last 3 days cleaning my whole site and making sure that I am happy and that the site is up and running. Their support team is one of the best out there in the market, their software is easy to use, they care about their customers and not like other companies. I really do recommend everyone who need an antivirus software for their server to go with OSE as honestly you get more then you pay. I am really glad to be their client.

    Best Support
  • To say that you need this software doesn't do it or the developers justice. Of course there is NO perfect protection but this goes a long way towards a solution. The levels of service this team give is a really pleasant surprise as well.....just stunning.
    You need this software
  • The Anti Virus is an excellent solution for anyone looking for a proper anti virus program for Joomla (and everyone using Joomla should have the highest interest in avoiding infections on the site). I am truly grateful both for the extension, and for the amazing support provided by the team.

    A must have extension - and the best support
  • The antivirus extension saved my website from a link injection issue, plus it found many other virus threats that I didn't know of as well. If you want your joomla website to be clean this extension is a must have. Another important factor is that their support is amazing, I've got my issue fixed in a blink of an eye.

    Great extension!
  • If you have ever had your site hacked then this product is the answer. I was dealing with hacking on two client sites. It was relentless. I tried several products and hackers kept getting through. The Anti-hacker was the only one that stopped all hacking attempts cold so I could get back to developing the site and not spinning my wheels defending it from intrusions. It’s been over a year now since installing and although attempts to compromise the websites happen every day not one has succeeded. The technical support team is responsive and informative as well.

  • This is definitely one of the "must have" Joomla extensions! A great program, that has become much better and user-friendlier since one year ago that I've started using it. I have first installed it on a website that got hacked 3 times, and took the whole server down with it... But the very website is still running version 2 of this extension, with no further problems. Just reports of failed hacking attacks. I do recommend this, especially because they have a great quick and effective support. Don't worry if you can't install the program, they REALLY help.

    Adorable extension
  • This is my first review, but this is the most brilliant component I've ever seen. I used videos for the previous version to install and it was easy. Took less than 30 minutes to setup and test. I've had a few questions and someone ALWAYS gets back - fast. Having a security team at your fingertips is business critical. You could go and pay for a web-based scanner from a big corporate but SEO Security Suite is for the back end of Joomla, so to me it's tougher to crack, your own custom security locks. It's the last piece in the cost puzzle before we deploy our main site, and now I can sleep at night. I anticipate that OSE are one of those small companies now ... but they won't stay that way with quality work and service like they have. Buy this component.

    Security Suite
  • I'm compelled to write a review about how good the Support team is and their products. I've installed Anti-Hacker on my site, and had a few critical issues that were solved in no time (less than an hour) by the support team! They are not only incredibly fast, but also very efficient! Highly recommended.

    Excellent product