Who are we?

We are proud of being the leading experts in Open Source Security by securing thousands of websites powered by Joomla and WordPress since 2009.
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These are what we strong at: protect your online business

We have been providing security solutions for the Joomla Community since 2009 while we were trading as Open Source Excellence. We started to expand our service to the most popular content management system: WordPress in 2013 as ProWeb, while our services have been used by many users who requested advanced centralized management services for their website security, we decided to spend months in upgrading our software and services in 2013, and start to trade as Centrora in 2014. We now are Centrora and we believe such change will bring in better user experience and provide better services to our users. We keep the following products and services to our users.

1. Free Anti-Hacking plugin to help start up your business!

Centrora aims at helping you prevent harmful website traffic from reaching your site. Centrora Security plugin, a Web Application Firewall, also known as WAF, provides affordable enterprise-level protection for your online business. Centrora collaborates Open Source Excellence to create the WordPress Firewall plugins – Centrora Security plugin (previously known as OSE Firewall) and offers it for free to help small business websites. The Centrora Security plugin protects your website from malicious traffic and blocks harmful requests.

2. Enhance the security level when your business grows!

When your website grows, you can start upgrading to other subscription packages to have higher protection on your online business. The centralized security management panel, Centrora Panel, allows you to manage IP, scan viruses, clean viruses, enabled Country blocking features, enable the Google 2-step Authentication feature and even backup your database remotely and securely. For more detail, please visit our Centrora Premium page.

3. We give you the insurance to clean malware!

In any cases that your website is hacked, Centrora offers professional malware cleaning services to clean your website quickly. Our highly-trained team of security engineers will thoroughly analyze your website to determine and resolve the issue. Once the issue is identified and the malware is removed, your online business can get back and run as normal. We provide the quickest way to get your website back online.

4. Utilizes the best open source virus scanning technology!

Centrora utilizes the open source technology from Open Source Excellence and ClamAV to scan malware. Centrora Virus Scanning is a comprehensive, automatic malware detection and removal system that looks at your website’s files, from the inside-out and outside-in, to detect and remove any hidden malware. Centrora Virus Scanning also can leverage the power of ClamAV, the #1 open source anti virus system, during the scanning which detects more malware than traditional anti-virus software or search engine blacklist identification services.