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* Enable Stop Forum Spam Scanning

This will check if the IP address being scanned or the email address being scanned has been marked as spammers from the Stop Forum Spam website.

* Block Blacklisted Methods (Trace / Delete / Track)

Every time a client attempts to connect to your server, it sends a message indicating the type of connection it wishes to make. There are many different types of request methods recognized by Apache. The two most common methods are ``GET`` and ``POST`` requests, which are required for “getting” and “posting” data to and from the server. In most cases, these are the only request methods required to operate a dynamic website. Allowing more request methods that are necessary increases your site’s vulnerability. Here we are blocking delete and head because they are unnecessary, and also blocking trace and track because they violate the same-origin rules for clients. (Reference: Perishable Press)

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