Centrora Security 6.3.1 – giving you a better virus scanning solution

We are delighted to release version 6.3.1 which we have been working hard to improve the virus scanner so everyone who needs this tool can benefit from it in the long run. Here are the changes since the changes in 5.0.7. Since 6.3.0, Centrora offers a better Joomla and WordPress Malware removal solutions to anyone who needs to recover their websites to a working status.

Centrora Security - better Joomla and WordPress malware removal solutions

= 6.3.1 =
* Fixed the blank header section in the configuration page
* Fixed some minor css issues.
* Fixed the scan report result link to the scan report in the WordPress version for Joomla versions

= 6.3.0 =
* Improve Cloud backup for Gitbackup
* Improve dynamic Virus scanner UI for better Joomla and WordPress malware removal solutions
* Added new schedule scanner function
* Fixed firewall rules update function not working on some servers
* Fixed Core directory scanner not working on some servers

= 6.2.4 =
* Fixed some css and javascript issues in the dashboard and Gitbackup UI

= 6.2.3 =
* Close error display

= 6.2.2 =
* Fixed error handleing function not working properly on some servers for Gitbackup

= 6.2.1 =
* Added Git Backup error handeling message if Git is not installed
* Added Git Backup folder protection

= 6.2.0 =
* Added Git Backup
* Improved User Interface

= 6.1.4 =
* Fixed IP Import not functioning after security token method is changed

= 6.1.3 =
* Fixed IP cannot be added and virus scanner cannot start for some websites after the token method changes

= 6.1.2 =
* Fixed IP control and scanning report not showing up properly issues after the token method changes

= 6.1.1 =
* Fixed a low severity XSS vulnerability in backup file name function, credits to Erin Germ
* Fixed a low ot medium severity CSRF vulnerability when an article is posted by Editors with the form to manipulate the Centrora database, credits to Erin Germ

= 6.1.0 =
* Updated Core Directory Scanner
* Add more hashes for Joomla and WordPress previous versions

= 6.0.7 =
* Updated WordPress hash for 4.4.2

= 6.0.6 =
* Fixed bugs for Windows server
* Fixed directories not showing correctly in WHM installation for Core directory scanning
* Remove the scanning of Long queries (more than 255 characters)
* Fixed Vulnerabilities scanner showing com_contact as vulnerable for Joomla 3.4

= 6.0.5 =
* Fixed virus scanning report reloading to the 1st page if the current page is not in the 1st page

= 6.0.4 =
* Fixed scheduled virus scanner not working on some servers

= 6.0.3 =
* Fixed modified file scanner not working issue on some websites
* Fixed virus scanner report csv file not working properly on WordPress websites
* Fixed email template not showing properly when the save button is clicked the from the second time

= 6.0.2 =
* Harden the website by adding one rule to prevent remote execution vulnerability
* Fixed PHP notice message for advance firewall scanner
* Add Joomla remote code execution vulnerability protection
* Fixed virus scanner notice warnings
* Add function to block IPs with malicious user agents
* Add function to block IPs with fake google bots
* Updated Email template editing function

= 6.0.1 =
* Added more rules in checking malicious user agent
* Removed Google Authentication in Block page when the option is turned off
* Updated mail class
* Fixed configuration setting not saved successfully on some servers

= 6.0.0 =
* Added: Brand New Look and feel! – We took valuable feedback from you our customers and revamped the look of Centrora Security. Give it a go, we think you will love it!
* Added: Help text to give users a better understanding of each configuration setting
* Added: Strong Password Enforcement under Firewall configuration settings
* Added: A What’s New section where you can view News of security and other related posts from our own security consultants – learn what you can do to harden your site’s security
* Enhancement: Merge Firewall Configuration Functions
* Enhancement: Improved firewall configuration settings layout – Rearraged & simplified configuration settings
* Enhancement: Reducted duplicate functions under Firewall
* Enhancement: Improved site navigation speed
* Enhancement: Changelog view under what’s new to get details of each release

= 5.0.8 =
* Enhancement: Improve file upload function to have better user experience