Firewall protection made easy for your WHM server now!

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We are glad to announce that the new WHM / cPanel addon has been released today to help you speed up the installation of Centrora Security onto your WHM server in order to enhance the firewall protection for your server.

Firewall protection on WHM / cPanel Server

Here is the first draft of the installation instruction of the WHM addon for Centrora Security to add firewall protection onto your server.

  1. Login WHM control panel, Search ‘Create Account’ in the search bar and create a new account for the Centrora Security Suite (6.0.8). NOTE: the user account name must NOT be ‘centrora’. You can use other account names like ‘centrorasuite’

  1. Once the account is created, access the cPanel control panel for this new account, and go to the MySQL Database section to create a new database and user account for Centrora Security


Firewall Protection

  1. After the database is created, access the File Manager and browse the ‘public_html’ folder, click the ‘Upload’ button to upload the Centrora Security Suite package.

Firewall Protection

Firewall Protection

Then extract the zip package, and access the Centrora Installation page:

Firewall Protection

Follow the installation wizard to fill in the required information and completed the installation.

Note: When completed, please activate the premium service before continue to setup the WHM firewall protection in the following steps. To do so, please go to Centrora Security –> My Account –> Login with your email address and password –> Activate the premium service.

4. Have you activated the premium service? If so, move on:

After that, login your SSH server, and run the following commands:

5. You will prompt the following dialogue asking you the path of the Centrora installation, please enter the path, e.g. /home/centrorasuite/public_html/, the installation will be continued like this

Firewall Protection


6. When completed, you will see Centrora Security in the WHM side bar:
Firewall Protection


You can now scan all websites under the /home folder when you access Centrora Security inside WHM. We are sure that the new WHM addon helps you a lot in enhancing the firewall protection of your dedicated server.