Urgent hacking and malware help is right here

Welcome to Centrora

Your Central Security Automation Solution

If machines can do the job, don't waste your time doing it manually. Centrora is dedicated to provide an automatic malware scanning and protection solution that saves your time so you can focus on your core business.


Smarter. Faster. Automation

Automatic Virus Scanning
Automatically scans the website and sends summary reports to you every day.
Automatic Firewall Updates
Firewall signatures are updated automatically every day to ensure that you get the latest protection.
Smart Backup
Automatically backs up your data daily, and is smart enough to back up only the difference to save the disk space.
Forever free SSL certificates
Integrated with Let's Encrypt, Centrora offers free SSL and automatically renews it.
Better Performance
The V7 firewall scanning engine uses much less database connections and memory resources, making the website run faster with full protections.
10GB Free Cloud Backup Space
With the latest technology with Gitlab, you will have 10GB free backup storage per website to have a secure backup in the Cloud.

Our Plans and Services

Centrora Provides different premium plans to suit different websites/servers. Please feel free to contact us to find out which plan is suitable for your business type.



Business owners and entrepreneurs, looking for malware removal service and firewall protection for individual websites.


Tech savvy professionals, the option to enjoy great discounts and reliable performance for multiple websites.


Onsell reliable security and protection to enhance your brand and benefit from free features.


Affordable high performance VPS secured with Centrora Security Solutions.


Urgent hacking and malware help is right here

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