Installing Centrora Security

Instruction about how to download and install Centrora Security into your websites and servers.

Thanks for choosing Centrora Security as your Web Application Firewall System. Here are the download links of Centrora Joomla! Plugin Version and Centrora Security Suite Version. For WordPress Plugin Version, please do the installation/Update in WordPress -> Plugins directly. 


Centrora Joomla! Plugin Version Centrora Security Suite Version


 Please also follow the instructions to install/Update Centrora Security into your website and servers.

1. Install Centrora into a Wordpress website

Go to WordPress admin section –> Plugins, and click the Add New button. Search for “Centrora” in the search panel. Install it after Centrora plugin is found.
Please refer to the tutorial of Install Centrora in WordPress website with more details.

2. Install Centrora into a Joomla website

Please download the Centrora Joomla! Plugin first. Then install it in Joomla! Extensions --> Manage --> Install like most normal Joomla! components.
Or please refer to the tutorial of Install Centrora in Joomla! website for more installation methods.

3. Install Centrora Security Suite

Centrora Security Suite is a standalone installation which can cover all websites on the server. Please download the installation package here. If you have a share host, please refer to the guidence of Install Centrora Security Suite.

4. Install Centrora Security on a dedicated server with WHM system

Centrora Security Suite can be installed at the dedicated server root to protect all accounts on the server. Please follow the steps of Install Centrora on a WHM server.

If you have any trouble in installing it, please contact our support team for the solution.