Earn money for driving the sales. We are excited to launch the new Affiliate System and would like to invite you to join our affiliate program to share the profits with our growing business. The entire process is largely simplified using our new Affiliate system on the website. You only need to register your PayPal account email on our website for easy payments and share your unique affiliate link. Let's get started.


1. Register your PayPal account.

Please create an account on our website and enter your PayPal account email on the Affiliate registration page. If you are our existing user, you can login and add the PayPal account at any time on the same page.

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2. Get the affiliate link and banner.

Login on Centrora website and go to My Affiliate Account under My Account menu. Then please go to the tab BANNERS and click on the View Banner button to obtain the unique affiliate link or the source codes which you can directly insert into your website.

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3. Share the affiliate link or banner.

Please share the above Unique affiliate link or add the banner to your website. Any orders placed through the link or banner will be automatically tracked and 15% of the sales amount will be credited to your account. The commissions can be managed in the same My Affiliate Account menu under the tab COMMISSIONS.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact us.

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